Joy Reid Warns Democrats That They’ll Be Handing Florida To Trump If Sanders Is The Nominee

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is seeing a jolt of momentum following his split victory in Iowa and solid performance in Friday night’s Democratic debate, but his rising political fortunes could be short-lived, according to Joy Reid.

As the MSNBC host pointed out on Saturday, the socialist label that Sanders has proudly warn on his sleeve will be a major turn-off to voters in Florida that Democrats must win to carry the state against Trump.

That’s especially true, she said, when Trump starts running ads in the state of Sanders praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“Those video clips are out there,” she said. “Those are going to be in ads.”


Reid said:

Sanders himself calls himself a democratic socialist. He’s wearing the label proudly. You know, the reality of campaigns, campaigns are negative and they’re nasty. You know how it goes. There are going to be ads running in states like Florida where there is a very, very strong Cuban-American, Venezuelan-American element of the population that are very important voters that are going to be watching ads of Bernie Sanders praising Fidel Castro and praising the Sandinistas and things like that. Those video clips are out there. Those are going to be in ads. Do you think that Bernie Sanders can win Florida when those ads drop?

Trump, Republicans are itching to run against Sanders

Whether or not Bernie Sanders can win in November is still up for debate. As the 2016 campaign showed us, it’s nearly impossible to predict the outcome of a presidential election in the Trump era.

But it’s still abundantly clear that the president and his Republican supporters are itching to run against Sanders. In South Carolina, in fact, the GOP has launched an operation to help Sanders win that primary election and run away with the nomination.

Republicans have been falsely slapping the socialist label on every Democratic presidential nominee for decades. With Sanders as the nominee, it’ll actually be true. As Joy Reid warned on Saturday, that could be a drag on the Democratic ticket – from top to bottom – in key swing states.

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