Pete Buttigieg Surges And Takes The Lead Over Sanders In New Hampshire Poll

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is still a slight favorite to win the upcoming New Hampshire Democratic primary contest, but former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is experiencing a surge in support.

For the first time in the ongoing tracking poll conducted and released by the Boston Globe/Suffolk, Buttigieg has a slim, one-point lead over Sanders.

According to the survey, Buttigieg clocks in at 25 percent, with Sanders closely behind at 24 percent. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren earns 14 percent support and Biden trails with 11 percent.

While the average of polls still shows Sanders with a small lead over the former mayor, there is no question that Buttigieg’s performance in Iowa has given him momentum heading into New Hampshire.

In fact, the same poll from the Boston Globe/Suffolk released last Wednesday showed Sanders with a nine-point lead over Buttigieg, who had just 15 percent support at the time. In just a few days, the former mayor has surged by 10 points.

Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary by 22 points in 2016 when he was facing off against Hillary Clinton. He is the senator from the neighboring state of Vermont.

While losing New Hampshire wouldn’t be a fatal blow to the Sanders campaign, it would be a disappointment given the clear advantages he has in the state.

The Democratic primary race is far from over

It wouldn’t be election season without media pundits writing political obituaries after one chaotic caucus in Iowa, and this year isn’t any different.

But the Democratic Primary race is far from over, especially since voters in more diverse states like South Carolina – a place far more representative of the party as a whole – haven’t even had a chance to weigh in yet.

While Buttigieg is, indeed, surging in New Hampshire and former Vice President Joe Biden has been slumping since Iowa, the entire race can be flipped upside down once the primary heads south and ultimately goes national.

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