Rudy Giuliani Is Now Giving His Biden Dirt Directly To Barr


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that a process had been set up where Rudy Giuliani gives his Biden conspiracy dirt directly to Attorney General Barr.

Transcript via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: –this morning. Has the Department of Justice been ordered to investigate the Bidens?


SEN. GRAHAM: No. The Department of Justice is receiving information coming out of the Ukraine from Rudy–


SEN. GRAHAM: –to see. He told me that they’ve created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified. Rudy Giuliani is a well known man. He’s a crime fighter. He’s loyal to the president. He’s a good lawyer. But what I’m trying to say- to the president and anybody else, that the Russians are still up to it. Deterrence is not working. So let’s look at Hunter Biden’s conflict. Let’s look at Joe Biden. Vice President Biden, what did you do when they told you your son was on Burisma’s board? It undercuts your ability to fight corruption. Did you take it seriously? Obviously he didn’t. But when it comes to documents coming out of the Ukraine, to Republicans and Democrats, be very cautious turning–


SEN. GRAHAM: –anything over you got over to the intel community.


After Mitch McConnell rigged Trump’s impeachment trial, the corruption is out in the open. Trump is using the DOJ to investigate a political rival based on a debunked conspiracy theory that is being pushed by Giuliani.

The data shows that Biden could still be in a position to win the nomination even with a middling finish in New Hampshire. Trump doesn’t need to investigate Bernie Sanders because if Sen. Sanders is the nominee, he is going to scream communist every day from July through election day.

Trump has enlisted the federal Department of Justice to attack his enemies. There is no hiding it anymore. Trump is using the DOJ to cheat to win the election.

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