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The Media Is Wrong As New Poll Shows Every Top Democrat Beating Trump

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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The media is playing up their usual Dems in disarray act, but a new poll shows all of the top Democratic contenders beating Trump.

Via the Quinnipiac University Poll:

Among all registered voters, Democratic candidates lead President Trump in general election matchups by between 4 and 9 percentage points, with Bloomberg claiming the biggest numerical lead against Trump:

Bloomberg tops Trump 51 – 42 percent;

Sanders defeats Trump 51 – 43 percent;

Biden beats Trump 50 – 43 percent;

Klobuchar defeats Trump 49 – 43 percent;

Warren wins narrowly over Trump 48 – 44 percent;
Buttigieg is also slightly ahead of Trump 47 – 43 percent.

President Trump’s favorability rating is underwater, as 42 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of him, while 55 percent have an unfavorable view of him. However, it is his best favorability rating since a March 7th, 2017 poll, when his favorability rating was a negative 43 – 53 percent.

Biden, Bloomberg, and Sanders all have leads over Trump that fall within the same and are basically equal.

There is a looming problem for the top Democrats in the poll. The top four Democrats all have a net negative approval rating. Buttigieg is the only candidate in the top five with a net positive approval rating of (+4). None of these candidates are overwhelmingly popular with the broader electorate, but they all lead Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

Democrats aren’t in disarray. They are holding a dividing where no candidate has stood out from the pack. If Buttigieg pulls out an unlikely victory over Sanders in New Hampshire, he would stake a claim to being the frontrunner. The terrain is about to get more friendly for Biden, and more troublesome for Buttigieg.

There likely will not be a clear picture of where this primary stands until after Super Tuesday.

Democrats aren’t in disarray. They just want to get through the primary so that they can get down to the business of beating Trump.

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