All 4 Prosecutors Expose Trump/Barr Corruption By Quitting Roger Stone Case

All four of the prosecutors on Roger Stone’s case have quit or asked to be removed, in a move the highlights the corruption of Trump and Barr.

The Washington Post reported:

All four career prosecutors handling the case against Roger Stone, a confidant of President Trump, asked to withdraw from the legal proceedings Tuesday — and one quit his job entirely — after the Justice Department signaled it planned to reduce their sentencing recommendation for the president’s friend.

Jonathan Kravis, one of the prosecutors, wrote in a court filing he had resigned as an assistant U.S. attorney, leaving government altogether. Three others — Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, Adam Jed and Michael Marando — asked a judge’s permission to leave the case.

The prosecutors are trying to leave the case to highlight the corrupt interference of Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump. In a level of unprecedented political interference, Trump and Barr overruled the prosecutors in the Stone case and changed the sentencing recommendation for Trump’s felon friend to a lighter sentence.

Roger Stone lied to Congress to protect Donald Trump. There is no reason why a man who was convicted of multiple felonies deserves a lighter sentence. The prosecutors are calling attention to the corruption within the Trump administration. Thanks to William Barr, the rot has reached the Department of Justice, and four individuals who care about law and order would rather walk than dirty themselves in Trump and Barr’s swamp.

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