Barr Gets Involved After Trump Tantrum and Changes Roger Stone’s Recommended Sentence

Attorney General William Barr is changing Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation so that he gets a lighter sentence than the 7-9 year initial recommendation.

Fox News reported:

“The Department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation in the filing in the Stone case last night,” the official told Fox News. “The sentencing recommendation was not what had been briefed to the Department.”

The department is now expected to scale that back.

“The Department finds seven to nine years extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate to Mr. Stone’s offenses,” the source told Fox News, adding that the DOJ will clarify its position on sentencing later Tuesday.

The reversal came after Trump tweeted:

One of the major consequences of Trump’s Senate Republican impeachment acquittal is that corruption is now happening out in the open in front of our eyes. Trump tweets about his criminal buddy’s sentencing recommendation, and the next day his lapdog attorney general intervenes and changes the amount of prison time that Trump’s felon buddy is likely to receive.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson doesn’t have to follow the DOJ recommendation, but the Department of Justice has been corrupted and is now doing the bidding of Donald

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