Republicans Are Medding In NC Democratic Primary To Save Sen. Thom Tillis

Republicans are desperate to keep the Senate so they have set up a super PAC that they are using to meddling in the North Carolina Democratic Senate primary.

The Charlotte Observer reporter:

The PAC is running ads that tout state Sen. Erica Smith, one of five Democrats running for the nomination March 3. Tillis, the Republican incumbent, faces three GOP opponents.


The Faith and Power PAC is spending across North Carolina, according to Advertising Analytics, a media tracking firm. A filing with the Federal Election Commission shows it has spent more than $2.4 million on TV ads, printing and phone calls on behalf of Smith.

Sen. Thom Tillis is exceptionally vulnerable in North Carolina. The Senator has a net negative approval rating and continues to do things to remind voters why they shouldn’t send him back to the Senate.

Tillis voted to acquit Trump and followed up his exoneration of criminal, by explaining it is perfectly fine for 1 million North Carolinians to lack health insurance as he continues to oppose expanding Medicaid.

Republicans know that Tillis is a weak incumbent, so they are meddling in the Democratic primary in the hope that they sway the electorate into supporting a candidate that they think he is more likely to beat.

Republicans don’t have issues that they can run on, so they are trying to cheat to win.

Election meddling isn’t limited to foreign governments. Republicans are also doing it in North Carolina.

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