Trump Is Now Hinting That He Will Pardon Paul Manafort

Trump is actively trying to erase the Russia scandal before the 2020 election, and now he is tweeting about Paul Manafort.

Trump tweeted:

There is a common thread at work in all of the recent Trump and Barr actions. Barr intervened to reduce Mike Flynn’s sentencing recommendation. Barr intervened to reduce Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations, and it is isn’t a coincidence that Trump is tweeting about the treatment of Paul Manafort.

Trump has claimed that he wants his impeachment expunged, even though there is no such thing, and he also wants to erase the Russia scandal, likely before the Russians interfere in the 2020 election.

Republicans in the Senate did more than acquit Trump. They unleashed a wave of corruption that has not been seen in this country in half a century. Trump is talking about how unfair prison has been for Paul Manafort because he is lining up a pardon for his Russia connected former campaign boss.

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