Rachel Maddow Tells America It Is Time To Fight Trump

Rachel Maddow said that Trump’s attack on the DOJ means that the situation has moved beyond words, and it is time to fight.

Maddow said:

Because there’s no line that this president will not cross. Tell me if you can imagine one. Tell me the thing that would be bad for America but good for him, but he wouldn’t do it because it’d be bad for the country. What’s beyond the pale for him? Seriously. There’s nothing he might conceive of as being to his advantage that he would not do to this country to get it.

Right, we get that now. Alarm sounded. We’re awake. We’re at the point, though, where just pointing this out isn’t enough. We have to recognize that pointing out where we’re at doesn’t stop our country from sliding further into a non-rule of law situation, pointing it out, sounding the alarm knowing we’re there isn’t enough. We’re there. We now have to plan specifically for how to survive it and how to fight it.


Maddow was correct. Trump is systemically destroying the nation’s institutions, and we are past the point of discussing why he is doing it. It doesn’t matter if this is happening because he wants to be a king, make money off of the presidency, or protect his own backside from prosecution.

The time for debating motives is over. As Adam Schiff said during the impeachment trial, Trump can’t be trusted, because he will always put himself ahead of the country.

It is time to fight. Waiting until November isn’t the best strategy. House Democrats can fight back, and so can the American people. Protest, make your voices heard and fight as if your country’s future is resting in the balance because it is.

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