Schumer Requests IG Investigation Into Trump/Barr Abuse Of Power


Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer has requested an IG investigation into Donald Trump and William Barr’s abuse of power at the DOJ.

Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said on the Senate floor:

The president ran against the “swamp” in Washington—a place where the game is rigged by the powerful to benefit them personally. I ask my fellow Americans: what is more swampy, what is more fetid, what is more stinking, than the most powerful person in our country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law?


As a result, I have formally requested that the inspector general of the Justice Department investigate this matter immediately. And this morning, I call on Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham to convene an emergency hearing of the Judiciary Committee to do the same—to conduct oversight and hold hearings. That’s the job of the Judiciary Committee, no matter who is president, whether the president is from your party or not. Something egregious like this demands that the inspector general investigate and demands that the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee hold a hearing, now.

The president is claiming that rigging the rules is perfectly legitimate—he claims an “absolute right” to order the Justice Department to do anything he wants! And the president has as his Attorney General an enabler—and that’s a kind word—who actually supports this view.

Video of Schumer:

The best thing that Democrats can do in the Senate is to continue to shine an endless light on the corruption of Trump and his administration. The investigation and potential impeachment of Barr must begin in the House. The Senate and Sen. Schumer have a powerful platform to hammer Trump’s corruption on a daily basis throughout this election year.

The voters will have to do what Republicans won’t, and hold Trump accountable for his crimes in November.

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