Stone Prosecutor Who Resigned Could Testify And Spill The Beans On Barr And Trump

Rep. Val Demmings (D-FL) said that the Stone prosecutor who resigned could testify before the House and explain what’s happening at DOJ.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked Demmings, “Just as a factual matter, a hypothetical, Jonathan Kravitz, who has an excellent reputation with the department of justice who rever this, career lawyer there, presumably he could be called to testify before the house judiciary committee to tell us what went down, right?”

Rep. Demmings answered, “He absolutely could. And that’s another part that I hope every American is paying attention to. We have career prosecutors. These are people who have not spent their lives in the spotlight or the limelight. They’ve just been there reviewing the case, looking for elements of crimes, making appropriate charges and seeing those cases through. For these career people to either step away from a case because of the unjust interference or to actually resign, what a loss that is to America. I think it really sounds the alarm and sends a strong message to the American people about what is happening in the Department Of Justice.”


The House Judiciary Committee should launch an investigation into what Trump and Barr are doing to the Department of Justice. Rage and criticism have come from virtually every non-Trump circle of the political and legal worlds. The outrage is so intense that even a Stone trial juror is speaking out.
The American people need to hear from Kravitz. Trump is already cracking due to the blowback and a full investigation will keep this issue on the minds of voters and in the president’s head.

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