Trump Has A Babbling White House Meltdown About Roger Stone

Trump went on a babbling nonsensical meltdown about Roger Stone, Robert Mueller, and the Russia scandal at the White House.

Here is the official White House transcript of Trump:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: They treated Roger Stone very badly. They treated everybody very badly. And if you look at the Mueller investigation, it was a scam because it was illegally set up. It was set up based on false documentation and false documents.

If you look at what happened — how many people were hurt. Their lives were destroyed. And nothing happened with all the people that did it and launched this scam. Where’s Comey? Why — where is Comey? What’s happening to McCabe? What’s happening to Lisa and — to Pete Strzok and Lisa Page? What’s happening with them? It was a whole setup, it was a disgrace for our country, and everyone knows it too — everyone — including NBC, which gives a lot of fake news.

The fact is that Roger Stone was treated horribly and so were many other people. And their lives were destroyed.

And it turns out — if you look at the FISA warrants and what just happened with FISA, where they found out it was fixed, that it was a dirty, rotten deal. So when you look at that, and you see what happened to Roger Stone —

But think of it: A man leaks classified information — highly classified. They give him two months — Roger Stone — for doing — nobody even knows what he did. In fact, they said he intimidated somebody. That person said he had no idea he was going to jail for that. That person didn’t want to press charges. They put him in for nine years. It’s a disgrace.

And, frankly, they ought to apologize to a lot of the people whose lives they’ve ruined.

All right. Next question. Go ahead.

Q Mr. President, it’s the first time —

Q Mr. President —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yeah. Please, Steve.

Q — are you considering a pardon for Roger Stone?

Q — that (inaudible) official visit —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Wait, wait, wait. What?

Q Oh, sorry.

Q Are you considering a pardon for Roger Stone?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I don’t want to say that yet. But I tell you what: People were hurt viciously and badly by these corrupt people.

And I want to thank — if you look at what happened, I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this horrible thing. And I didn’t speak to them, by the way, just so you understand. They saw the horribleness of a nine-year sentence for doing nothing. You have murderers and drugs addicts; they don’t get nine years. Nine years for doing something that nobody even can define what he did.


Trump’s meltdown shows that he is increasingly incapable of any sort of coherency. Trump spouted gibberish, nonsense, and lies for minutes on end in front of international press.

Trump is on overload. He thought that he could just meddle and have Barr change Stone’s sentencing recommendation with zero consequences, but he was wrong. Barr is going to have to testify before the House, and the stench of his corrupt dark hand in the DOJ will not go away.

Donald Trump isn’t functional at the moment, and he is rapidly approaching a disaster of his own making.

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