US Attorney Who Oversaw Roger Stone’s Prosecution Resigns

Jessie Liu, the US attorney who oversaw the Stone prosecution, resigned after Donald Trump withdrew her nomination for a top Treasury Department position.

CNN reported:
The US attorney whose nomination for a top Treasury Department job was yanked because she ran the office that oversaw Roger Stone’s prosecution has resigned, an administration official tells CNN.

Jessie Liu, who previously headed the US attorney’s office in Washington, submitted her resignation to the Treasury Department, effective Wednesday evening. She went to the Treasury Department with the intention of filling a Senate-confirmed position, which is no longer available after her nomination was withdrawn earlier Wednesday, the official said.

The White House said that her nomination was withdrawn because she didn’t do more to interfere in Stone’s case for Trump.

Former Rep. David Jolly pointed out on MSNBC that Liu is now free to speak out and testify before Congress, “The interesting thing about miss Liu’s withdrawal is she is now free to speak. If she knows that direct communication that Barr perhaps had with staff at D.O.J. Or with her, she can now testify it all of that and the White House would have a hard time block it.”

Video of Jolly:

The Stone sentencing interference is another self-inflicted wound by a president who can’t stop abusing his power in the name of revenge against those who uphold the law. There is going to be a major investigation of this matter by the House Judiciary Committee. The witnesses are resigning by the minute and will be free to talk.

The most likely reason why Trump will end up being a one-term president is that he can’t get out of his own way and stop reminding voters that he is corrupt and unfit for the White House.

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