Trump Admits He’s Guilty Of The Impeachment Charges Now That He’s Been Fake Acquitted

Now that Donald Trump has been fake acquitted following a sham trial orchestrated by Senate Republicans, the president is admitting that, yeah, he’s guilty.

During a podcast interview with Geraldo Rivera, of all people, Trump said that he did, in fact, personally send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponents.

As CNN put it on Thursday, “President Donald Trump now openly admits to sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information about his political opponents, even though he strongly denied it during the impeachment inquiry.”

When asked by Rivera whether it was “strange” to send Giuliani to Ukraine, or whether he was sorry for it, Trump responded, “No, not at all.”

“Here’s my choice: I deal with the Comeys of the world, or I deal with Rudy,” the president added. “So when you tell me, why did I use Rudy, and one of the things about Rudy, number one, he was the best prosecutor, you know, one of the best prosecutors, and the best mayor.”

The full interview with Rivera on his appropriately named podcast, ‘Roadkill’:

Listen to “Geraldo Speaks To President Donald Trump” on Spreaker.

The Susan Collinses of the world should be ashamed of themselves

Prior to his impeachment, Trump was already abusing his power on a daily basis. Following his sham acquittal, his behavior has become more lawless and unhinged.

We saw it quickly in Trump’s firing of those who testified during the impeachment hearings, including Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his brother.

We’ve seen it this week as the Justice Department under William Barr demonstrates that going forward, the DOJ will be used solely to attack Trump’s enemies and protect his criminal friends.

And now, even though the American people didn’t need such confirmation, Donald Trump is admitting that, yeah, he sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to orchestrate a plot meant to sink his political opponents.

People like Susan Collins, who let Donald Trump skate based on the false belief that he learned a lesson, should be ashamed of themselves.

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