Trump Threatens New York Unless They Drop Lawsuits Against Him


The President Of The United States threatened the state of New York and demanded that they drop several lawsuits against him and his business.

Trump tweeted:


That’s the President threatening a state and demanding that they drop lawsuits against him and his businesses. Trump wasn’t concerned about anything involving the national interest. He’s is trying to use his position to get out of legal trouble in New York.

Trump is pulling the Ukraine shakedown on New York.

Noah Bookbinder noted that Trump is conditioning federal aid to a state on the dropping of lawsuits:

In case anyone needed any proof that Trump was guilty of trying to blackmail Ukraine, the President pulled the exact same plot on New York. Trump is engaging in rampant abuses of power that are happening because Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans decided that they would let a criminal president walk for their own political gain instead of upholding the Constitution and the rule of law.

Trump’s abuses of power have gone domestic and are growing by the day.

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