Elizabeth Warren Leads Bill To Block Funding For Trump DOJ Meddling

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and a group of Senate Democrats have introduced a bill that would block funding for Trump’s meddling at the DOJ.

Warren tweeted:

Sen. Warren suggested blocking the funding as an option during a recent interview on MSNBC, “We can’t let this moment go unremarked. What the attorney general has done, we should all be calling for the resignation of the attorney general. If he won’t resign, remember the attorney general can be impeached. And also, we should be using the other tools of congress and that is we can put budget constraints so that Donald Trump is not able to have any funding to be able to interfere with actions that affect Trump, the Trump family, Trump buddies, Trump campaign workers. We can’t just sit on our hands.”

Warren and her fellow Democratic Senators aren’t sitting around and waiting for the presidential election to fix things. With the Senate in the middle of a budget fight, Warren’s bill stands a better chance of being included in the final DOJ budget package than through the usual legislative process.

Republicans will still try to shoot it down, but Democrats are trying to act to end Trump’s corruption of the DOJ.

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