Trump Blows A Gasket After DOJ Drops Case Against McCabe

Trump is said to be furious and upset after the Department of Justice dropped the case and refused to charge Andrew McCabe with a crime.

The Washington Post reported:

The department revealed the decision to McCabe’s team Friday. The move was said to infuriate Trump, who has raged publicly and privately in recent months that McCabe and others he considers political enemies should be charged with crimes.


A White House official said that Trump was not given a heads-up and was upset, and that White House lawyers moved to calm the president. The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal discussions, said Trump “believes very strongly that action should be taken.”

Trump wanted McCabe charged, not because he committed a crime, but as part of his plan to discredit the Russia investigation before the election. Sen. Lindsey Graham launched a Judiciary Committee investigation into the 2016 Russia probe as there is a coordinated effort among Trump’s allies to discredit the source of the Russia investigation.

Trump has convinced himself that the Russia investigation was a hoax and a conspiracy to get him. However, the lack of charges against McCabe is another setback to the president’s hopes that he can make his crimes vanish with paranoid fantasies.

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