Trump Boasts That Republican Lawmakers Have Turned Him Into A King

During his usual flurry of Saturday morning Twitter activity, Donald Trump essentially bragged that following his fake acquittal by the GOP-led Senate, he is a king, not a president who can be held accountable.

In a pair of tweets, the president quoted a recent New York Times article which suggested that the results of the impeachment trial – partisan acquittal by complicit Republican lawmakers – have emboldened Trump.

The Times article Trump was happy to quote on Saturday read more like a warning about the unshackled and emboldened president that Republicans have now created, but Trump appeared to bask in it.

The full passage via The New York Times:

Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. “When you strike at a king,” Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.”

Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down.

With the end of the impeachment trial now in sight and acquittal assured, a triumphant Mr. Trump emerges from the biggest test of his presidency emboldened, ready to claim exoneration and take his case of grievance, persecution and resentment to the campaign trail.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid blasted Republican lawmakers on her program on Saturday after Trump boasted about his new king status.

The Republican Party has created this monster

Everything Donald Trump has said and done since he was “acquitted” in the Senate impeachment trial has made Republican lawmakers look like fools.

Many of the GOP senators who voted to acquit did so on the basis of the completely ludicrous idea that Trump had learned a lesson and would conduct government business differently going forward.

Instead, what we’ve seen is a president who knows he has the Republican Party by the neck and he can conduct himself as a lawless king instead of an accountable president.

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