Kellyanne Conway gets pressed on McCabe

Even Fox News Won’t Put Up With Kellyanne Conway’s McCabe Nonsense

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace repeatedly pressed Kellyanne Conway as refused to answer questions and spewed nonsense about Andrew McCabe.

Wallace tried to get answers out of Conway several times:

Q: Does he think that McCabe should be prosecuted?

Conway: The president recognizes as many do that there is a two-tiered criminal justice system.


Q: Does the president think that the Mccabe case should be reopened?

Conway: The president appreciates the fact that this department of justice works on any number of issues that doesn’t get any kind of coverage. Sanctuary cities — this is small potatoes.


Q: The Mccabe case is small potatoes?

Conway: He will also be seen as a liar and leaker. The president thinks that Andy Mccabe should have been punished because he lied to the investigators and many people feel the same way.


No one is buying for a second the White House’s claims that McCabe is small potatoes. Trump is outraged by the DOJ not charging Andrew McCabe because a key part of his reelection strategy is discrediting the foundation of the Russia investigation.

Kellyanne Conway tried to dance around Trump’s unhappiness, and even minimize the importance of Andrew McCabe, but this exchange between Conway and Wallace was a reminder that it doesn’t matter what anyone else in the White House says, Trump is never in control and will always reveal himself through emotional outbursts.

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