Pete Buttigieg Has The Perfect Answer For What He’ll Do If Trump Loses And Refuses To Leave

Pete Buttigieg had the perfect answer for what he will do if Trump calls the election a hoax and refuses to leave the White House after he loses.

Here was Buttigieg’s answer for what he would do if Trump loses and refuses to leave:

Trump can’t stay president if he loses. There is a fear among some on the left that Trump could lose and refuse to leave, but Trump doesn’t have that option. At noon on inauguration day, the new president constitutionally assumes the duties of the presidency.

Sure, Trump could refuse to leave the White House, but whoever defeated him would assume the powers of the presidency, and would have the authority to have the Secret Service remove the former president.

It doesn’t matter if Trump would shut himself in his bedroom and throw a tantrum, he wouldn’t be the president anymore. His power would be gone.

Trump will definitely try to discredit the election if he loses, but he has no options for staying in power once the Electoral College votes and the new president is sworn in.

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