Support For Susan Collins Plummets With Women After Trump Acquittal

A new poll shows Sen. Susan Collins in a statistical tie with Democratic challenger Sara Gideon thanks to declining support with women.

The Portland Press Herald reported:

The survey was conducted between Feb. 10-13 — days after Collins voted to acquit President Trump during the Senate’s impeachment trial — and asked voters whom they would choose between Collins and Gideon. Gideon led narrowly with 43 support, compared to 42 percent for Collins, with 14 percent undecided.

“One of the most surprising findings is how poorly Senator Collins is doing with women,” said Dan Shea, Colby College professor of government and the lead researcher on the poll. “She had a 42-percent approval rating overall but that drops to 36 percent for women. Further yet, it drops to 25 percent for women under 50.


Shea also said he was surprised to see support for Collins among independents at just 38 percent. That block of voters, which is the largest in Maine, has been crucial to her previous four electoral wins.

Susan Collins as gone all in with Donald Trump after she voted for the president’s acquittal. Dark money has been funneling in to support Collins, but her fundamental numbers have fallen to being the worst of her career.

Sen. Collins will not be easy to beat, but by aligning herself with Brett Kavanaugh and then acquitting Trump she has set up a narrative that virtually writes itself. Collins has exposed herself as a fake moderate. She is not an independent voice for the people of Maine, but a follower who will express “concern,” then do whatever Donald Trump wants.

Trump humiliates Collins and she does nothing.

Susan Collins is beatable, and if Democrats don’t do it this year, they never will.

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