Trump Called Rush Limbaugh And Told Him Not To Apologize For Homophobic Attacks On Buttigieg

Donald Trump personally called Rush Limbaugh and urged him not to apologize for his homophobic attacks on former South Bend mayor and current presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

According to The Hill, Limbaugh revealed the details of his phone call with Trump on his program on Monday.

“Hell, the president even called me about this!” Limbaugh said on his show. “He said, ‘Rush, I just got to tell you something. Never apologize. Don’t ever apologize.'”

“I had no idea this thing had even bubbled up,” the right-wing radio said of the controversy. “You know, I’m up doing the medical thing that I have to do here, and I wasn’t even aware of this.”

Limbaugh said last week that America wasn’t ready to elect a gay president and that Buttigieg’s sexual orientation would be helpful to Trump in a general election campaign.

“A gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages,” Limbaugh said. “Can you see Trump have fun with that?”

Buttigieg had a blistering response to the homophobic attack on him and his husband.

“Well, I love my husband. I’m faithful to my husband. On stage we usually just go for a hug. But I love him very much, and I’m not going take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh,” the former mayor said.

Trump and Limbaugh are the same person

It’s no shock that Donald Trump leapt to the defense of Rush Limbaugh after his homophobic attacks on Pete Buttigieg.  It’s also not very surprising that Trump gave the right-wing radio host a Medal of Freedom during this year’s State of the Union address.

After all, the two men are basically the same person. When Trump looks at Limbaugh, he is essentially looking in a mirror.

Like the president, Limbaugh has a reputation for homophobic, sexist and racist attacks on his political opponents. Neither man should be lecturing anybody on character or family values, yet they can never seem to help themselves.

Rush Limbaugh is as qualified to receive the Medal of Freedom as Donald Trump is to be president of the United States.

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