Trump Sends A New Paranoid Love Note To Bernie Sanders

Trump loves to advocate for Bernie Sanders and fuel conspiracy theories about how Sanders is being screwed by the Democratic Party.

The latest in the Trump really wants to run against Sen. Sanders series:

Trump doesn’t understand that this isn’t 2016 anymore. Sen. Sanders helped to reform the 2020 primary rules. The ongoing quagmire is in part a result of the process that Sanders advocated for and helped to create.

As far as a brokered convention, it is very likely that none of these candidates are going to be able to clinch the nomination before Milwaukee, but instead of the superdelegates playing a role, campaigns will be looking to make deals.

The moderate vote is likely to be bigger than the progressive vote in the primary, so there is a good chance that a moderate unity comes together with a delegate deal to clinch the nomination.

Trump is trying to use Sanders to divide the Democratic vote. He did it in 2016. He is doing it again in 2020.

Donald Trump is only interested in himself, and these paranoid love notes to Sanders are nothing more than the President trying to help his own path to reelection.

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