White House Freaks Out After Obama Trolls Them On The Economy

The White House is pushing Trump’s fantasy of economic greatness by claiming that the economy under Obama was “horrible.”

Obama tweeted:

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro responded on CNN, “If you lived through the Obama years, which everyone watching this show did, they remember what it was like…Back in the Obama/Biden years, it was horrible. We had this new normal of growth under two percent, wages not rising.”

CNN host Poppy Harlow pulled up the quarterly numbers to show that Trump has not had a single quarter over four percent growth and asked if it also wasn’t a good economy then. Navarro answered, “No, it wasn’t. It was horrible.”

Video of White House economic adviser Peter Navarro:

Trump’s economic growth is sixth out of the last ten presidential terms. Trump’s GDP growth is below average, and he inherited a good economy, unlike Obama, who had to dig the nation out of the great recession.

The notion that the economy under Trump is great is pure fantasy, and it is clear the Obama triggered the entire White House by reminding the American people of who really saved the economy.

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