GOP Poll Has Arizona Going Blue As Sen. Martha McSally Trails By 7

A Republican-leaning poll from Arizona High Ground has Democrat Mark Kelly leading Sen. Martha McSally by 7 points.

The data that should have Republicans worried about Arizona:

Mark Kelly is the astronaut husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords, who has been running a solid campaign with firm Democratic support.

Sen. McSally, who didn’t win her Senate seat, but was appointed by the governor, might have sealed her fate when she went along with the Republican Senate impeachment trial cover-up to acquit Donald Trump.

Arizona is one of the target states for Democrats in 2020, and it is impossible to see how Kelly beats McSally and Trump wins the presidential election at the top of the ticket. McSally joins a growing list of Republican Senate incumbents like Susan Collins in Maine and Cory Gardner in Colorado who went along with the McConnell cover-up and may pay for their decision with their seats in November.

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