Trump Confirms Assange Pardon Offer With A Favorite Lie

The White House confirmed the Trump pardon offer to Assange with their go-to lie that Trump didn’t know former Rep. Rohrbacher.

The White House didn’t issue a direct denial of the pardon offer to Assange but went back to one of their favorite lies.

Via Jim Acosta of CNN:

The American people got a Trump lies two for the price of one. The White House claimed that Trump didn’t know Rohrbacher, and they threw in the now-standard Trump tell of calling something a hoax when he is guilty.

Trump knows Rohrbacher, and here’s the proof:

The next step in response to visible evidence is to proclaim that Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about when he tweets, and no one should take his Twitter account seriously.

Trump has pretended not to know his own EU Ambassador, Wikileaks, Lev Parans , and his own lawyer, Michael Cohen.

When Trump is caught, his main move is to deny knowing the person that was doing his bidding. If history is any guide, Trump’s Rohrbacher denial is a confession of guilt.

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