Trump Just Found His William Barr To Run The Intelligence Agencies

Trump wants to make sure that the intelligence community can’t blow the whistle on him in 2020, so he picked a loyalist to act as his interim Intelligence Director.

The New York Times reported:
President Trump on Wednesday named Richard Grenell, a vocal loyalist who quickly antagonized the German establishment as the American ambassador there, to be the acting director of national intelligence overseeing the nation’s 17 spy agencies.

By choosing Mr. Grenell, who has little experience in intelligence or in running a large bureaucracy, the president signaled that he wants a trusted, aggressive leader atop an intelligence community that he has long viewed with suspicion and at times gone to war against.

This all should sound very familiar. Trump was worried about getting Senate confirmation for his loyalist, so he is bypassing the Senate by installing his choice as interim director. It is a trick that Trump has used frequently throughout his first term.

There is a similar pattern unfolding across the Executive Branch. Trump is taking over anything that could potentially limit him or stop him from cheating in the 2020 election.

Grenell isn’t there to run the bureaucracy. He was installed to make sure that nothing stands in Trump’s way when it comes to violating the law and cheating to win.

Trump has found his Barr to corrupt the intel community in Richard Grenell.

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