Assange Appears To Have Evidence Of Trump Pardon Offer

Legal experts say that it appears that Julian Assange has evidence to support his claim that Donald Trump offered him a pardon.

Assange’s lawyer claimed that Trump offered their client a pardon if he would say that Russia had nothing to do with the DNC hack in 2016. The White House responded to the claim of a pardon with an outraged denial and one of Trump’s favorite lies of claiming not to know the person who was doing his dirty work.
Ned Price suggested that Assange has evidence to support his claims of a pardon offer:

If Assange has evidence, it would be devastating to Trump ahead of the 2020 election. It would also be important to Assange’s extradition fight, as he would be able to show a judge a reason why he might face retribution by the Trump administration if he were extradited to the US.

Trump has no evidence that he didn’t offer a pardon, other than the word of a president who is rapidly telling 20,000 lies in office.

The President has hit a series of hurdles in his plan to make the Russia scandal go away to pave the way for more Russian interference on his behalf in 2020, but any evidence that Assange has could derail the 2020 Trump reelection train potentially for good.

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