Colorado Is Ready To Fire Mitch McConnell As Senate Race Moved To Lean Democrat

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) went all-in on the Trump impeachment trial cover-up, and now his Senate seat rating has been changed to lean Democrat.

According to Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball:

While polling has been sparse in Colorado, Gardner has long appeared endangered by the Centennial State’s shift toward the Democrats. He has emphasized some local issues but has generally stuck with the president on the bigger-picture ones that are increasingly more salient in our nationalized elections. Gardner is in a tough spot: After distancing himself from Trump in 2016, Gardner risks losing his own base voters if he criticizes Trump, but if Trump again loses the state, voters may not have much reason to split their tickets in Gardner’s favor.


The likely Democratic nominee, Hickenlooper, is not a perfect candidate, but he is a proven one, having won the state’s governorship in the difficult Democratic years of 2010 and 2014. He is hardly a favorite of the left, but that’s probably an asset in a general election environment.

Gardner is in a state that is trending away from Republicans, and he is hoping that Trump will magically do better in a state that the president lost in 2016. Hickenlooper is the likely nominee. The Democratic Party convinced him to drop his presidential campaign and run for Senate, so the odds are good that although other candidates are running, Hickenlooper is the likely nominee.

Cory Gardner joins Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona and Susan Collins in Maine as Republican Senators who have seen polls released this week that show them statistically tied (Maine) or losing (Arizona) to Democratic challengers. All three of these Senators supported Trump’s acquittal, and all three may lose their seats in November.

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