Schumer Blasts Republican Traitors For Letting Putin Win Instead Of Standing Up To Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called out Senate Republicans who let Putin win because they were too scared to stand up to Trump.

In response to the news that the Russians are trying to reelect Trump, Schumer tweeted:

Sen. Schumer is calling out Republicans for betraying their own country because they are so afraid of Donald Trump that they would rather sell the nation out to Russia in order to spare themselves from a potentially nasty tweet from Trump.

Senate Republicans are worried that Trump will badmouth them and trash them with their own supporters, so they refuse to protect US elections from Russian interference.

The consequences of Mitch McConnell’s sham impeachment trial continue to pile up. At least three Republican Senators who went along with the cover-up are in jeopardy of losing their seats. The acquittal has unleashed Trump to go on a revenge campaign and push his executive branch crime wave to new highs.

The responsibility for the threat to democracy who is sitting in the Oval Office solely belongs to the Republican Party. By refusing to stand up to Trump, Senate Republicans are accessories to a crime against America.

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