Trump Is Having A Breakdown As Roger Stone Is Being Sentenced

Donald Trump is melting down on Twitter and ranting as Roger Stone is in court at this moment for sentencing for multiple felony convictions.

Trump tweeted:

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Hillary Clinton committed no crimes. Roger Stone was found guilty of multiple felonies related to lying to Congress to protect Donald Trump.

The President also made it obvious that he is going to pardon Stone:

It should not be overlooked that the President Of The United States is actively meddling as a defendant who lied for Trump’s benefit is being sentenced in federal court.

Presidents are not law enforcement officers. Trump should have no role in this process as the independent judiciary must be allowed to do its work.

Trump is melting down because another one of his associates will go to prison. It is unlikely that Trump will pardon Stone before the 2020 election, but he has made it clear that win or lose as soon as the election is over, he will pardon Roger Stone.

In the meantime, Trump is crumbling under another day of bad Russia scandal media coverage.

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