Trump Is Melting Down For A 2nd Day Over 30 Seconds Of Bad Fox Coverage

Trump has been melting down for nearly two days over 30 seconds of coverage on Fox News that was critical of him.

This is the few seconds of coverage that triggered Trump:

What set Trump off was A.B. Stoddard saying on Cavuto, “Donald Trump had many disastrous debate performances. Many answers were so cringeworthy that you couldn’t believe that he was still standing on the stage, and he’s President.”

Trump spent 20 minutes ranting about the comment at his rally:

The insanity has continued into Friday as Trump is threatening to get Cavuto fired:

Stoddard was right. Trump’s debate performances were awful. He was bad in the primary debates. He was even worse in the general election debates, and yet Trump is still President.

Trump can’t handle even a second of bad coverage from Fox News.

The President is trying to get a TV host fired because the coverage didn’t fawn all over him.

Trump is falling apart because a Fox News guest spent about 15 seconds telling the truth.

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