Fox Does Putin’s Dirty Work With Claims Democrats Are On Russia’s Payroll

Fox News is falsely claiming that it’s Democrats and the media who are on Russia’s payroll, not anyone associated with Trump.

Sara A. Carter said, “Russia wants to sow chaos, right? And think about this, they don’t even need to worry about the Kremlin, the GRU, or their agents. They have their agents right here in the United States that are buying their chaos hook, line, and sinker. They just put something out there and we see the Democrats, the anti-Trump media jumping on board dishing out disinformation coming straight from Russia. That includes Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Eric Holder, and anyone else in the media that wants to dish out Russian disinformation, so if there is anybody on Russia’s like payroll, so to speak, it’s them. It’s not anybody around Donald Trump.”


According to Fox News, the real Russian agents aren’t the people at the cable network that pushes Russian propaganda and the man in the White House who chooses to believe Putin over his own intelligence agencies.

The problem is with Democrats who are trying to save the country by standing up to Russian disinformation and attack.

The Fox News claim is absurd and shows how sensitive they are to the notion that Russia is helping Donald Trump.

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