Trump’s DHS Secretary Humiliates Himself At Coronavirus Hearing

Trump’s acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf was humiliated and revealed to be completely unprepared during a Senate hearing on the coronavirus.

Wolf’s performance was brutal and a dazzling display of Trumpian government incompetence. Wolf couldn’t accurately state the number of Coronavirus cases in the United States. He guessed fourteen. The real number is thirty-five.

Video of Wolf being questioned by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

Wolf’s performance somehow got even worse when he was asked how the virus is transmitted.

Via The Washington Post:
“How is it transmitted?” Kennedy cut in, making clear he wanted specifics.

“A variety of different ways,” Wolf again responded.

“Tell me what they are,” Kennedy quizzed him, clearly skeptical that Wolf knew the answer.

When Wolf again referred to “human-to-human” transmissions, Kennedy cut in. “Well, obviously human to human,” Kennedy said. “How?”

Wolf could muster only that it was “being in the same vicinity” and “physical contact.”

Meanwhile, Trump is pretending like he can babble the Coronavirus away:

The Trump administration is not prepared for any crisis, much less a global health pandemic. Trump is more worried about the fall of the stock market than the potential illness and deaths of the people that he is supposed to be protecting from a public health crisis.

The performance of Trump’s acting DHS Secretary was humiliating and a troubling reminder that when a crisis, the American people won’t be able to depend on a government led by Donald Trump.

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