Trump puts Pence in charge of Coronavirus

Trump Proclaims Mike Pence A Healthcare Expert And Puts Him In Charge Of Coronavirus

Trump said that Mike Pence is a healthcare expert as he put the vice president in charge of the US response to the Coronavirus.

Trump said:

A lot of states do, when Mike was governor, Mike Pence, of they’ve established great health care. They have a great system there. A system that a lot of the other states have really looked to and changed their systems. They wanted to base it on the Indiana system. He’s very good. And he’s really very expert at the field.

And what I’ve done is I’m going to be announcing exactly right now that I’m going to be putting our vice president Mike Pence in charge. And Mike will be working the professionals and doctors and everybody else that’s working. The team is brilliant. I spent a lot of time with the team over the last couple weeks. They’re totally brilliant. The we’re doing really well and Mike will be in charge and he’ll report back to me. He has a certain talent for this.


Since there are roughly six people left working as high-level officials who aren’t “acting” in their current roles, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Trump picked Pence to run the Coronavirus response. The country should probably consider itself lucky that Trump didn’t give the gig to Jared Kushner.

Mike Pence is not a healthcare expert, and if he is going to be leading the response, America could be in for a lot of trouble.

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