Disaster For Trump: Fox News Finds Only 32% Of Voters Will Commit To Voting For Him

Donald Trump’s favorite cable news network released their latest poll numbers on Thursday, and it was a disaster for the president as he seeks a second term in the White House.

According to the survey, just 32 percent of voters will “definitely” support Trump in the November general election, while 45 percent will “definitely” back his eventual opponent.

In other words, there are more diehard opponents of the president than there are supporters, regardless of how many folks in red caps show up to his campaign rallies.

The poll also found that, when matched up against any of the top Democratic candidates, Trump would lose. In fact, he can’t even crack 43 percent.

According to Fox News, “Among all voters, all six Democratic candidates tested top the president in trial ballots. Trump trails Biden and Bloomberg by 8 points and Sanders by 7. Those are the only leads outside the poll’s margin of error. Warren (+3 points), Buttigieg (+3) and Klobuchar (+1) are barely ahead. And in each instance, there are enough undecided/third-party voters to move the race either way.”

The breakdown:

Trump is getting trounced in the midst of a heated Democratic primary

It’s important to note that the Democratic Party is in the midst of a heated primary battle. Just three states have weighed in so far, and  each of the remaining candidates still has passionate supporters.

In other words, the party isn’t even close to uniting behind a single Democratic nominee, yet Donald Trump is already getting trounced by the leading Democrats in head-to-head matchups.

It should concern Trump’s campaign that a party currently divided by a chaotic and heated primary battle is pretty easily beating him before they have even coalesced behind a single candidate.

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