Pelosi Questions Trump’s Mental State During Press Conference

Speaker Pelosi said that Trump’s remark about the market dropping due to the Democratic debate was so strange that you really have to wonder.


Pelosi responded to Trump’s claim that the market drop was due to the Democratic debate, “The President said something so strange that you really have to wonder. He said the reason why the market dropped is because of the debate the other night. Well, the market had dropped eighteen hundred points before the debate the other night. The market dropped while he was speaking yesterday at his press conference, so let’s not be silly about what that is.”

Pelosi is wondering about Trump’s mental state because he is making bizarre statements that aren’t in any way connected to reality.

Only a crazy person would blame a market drop on an event that was yet to happen. Donald Trump is grasping. He is staking his entire reelection campaign on the economy and the stock market.

The market is heading for its worst week since the financial collapse, and the economy is showing signs of a serious slowdown.

If the economy goes, Trump is gone, which is why the president is making statements that are causing the Speaker of the House to question his mental health.

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