After First US Coronavirus Death, Trump Holds Disastrous Press Conference

Trump was caught off guard by the first US coronavirus death, so he opened his press conference babbling about Afghanistan.

Trump said in part:

They’re incredible people, incredible spirit. I’d go to Walter Reed and see them so often and the spirit; they wanted to go back. Despite their wounds, they always said I want to go back.

Wounded warriors are incredible people. I guess most of all I want to thank all of the people in the United States for having spent so much in terms of blood, in terms of treasure and treasury, the money that has been spent, the lives that have been lost, and we just signed an agreement that puts us in a position to get it done, bring us down to in the vicinity of 8,000 troops. The United Nations was informed of everything, and NATO has been great.


When Trump got around to mentioning the coronavirus, he tried to minimize the risk and the news.

Trump even tried to blame the patient who died for being high risk:

The whole point of the press conference was to minimize the coronavirus and deal with the political fallout of the administration’s incompetence.

Trump held a press conference to minimize the US coronavirus outbreak, and it has been a total disaster.

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