Joe Biden Says Democrats Can Sweep Trump And McConnell Out Of Office If He Is The Nominee

Joe Biden told Democrats that if they want a nominee who is an actual Democrat who will build on Obama’s legacy they should join him.

Biden said, “If Democrats nominate me, I believe we can beat Donald Trump.Keep Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives as a Speaker, and take back the United States Senate! Join us!”

Biden said that he can beat Trump, keep Pelosi as Speaker of the House and take back the Senate:

Biden told Democrats that if they want a nominee who is a Democrat, they should join him:

The Democrats want to nominate someone who will build on Obamacare, not scrap it, take on the NRA and gun manufacturers, not protect them, stand up and give the poor a fighting chance and the middle class get restored, not raise their taxes and keep the promises we make, then join us. And if the Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat — a life-long Democrat — a proud Democrat, an Obama/Biden Democrat, then join us!

We have the option of winning big or losing big. That’s the choice. We need to build on the coalition of legacy of the most successful president of our lifetime, Barack Obama. And the way we do this is by bringing Americans together whether their race, ethnicity, gender, economic station, Democrats, Republicans, independents, people of every stripe, look, just like we did here in South Carolina.

And like we can do across the entire country on Tuesday and beyond. Folks, win big or lose, that’s the choice. Most Americans don’t want the promise of revolution. They want more than promises. They want results.


Democrats don’t want a revolution. They want to win, and if Joe Biden campaigns on getting rid of Trump and McConnell, he may have the messaging golden ticket for this Democratic primary.

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