Buttigieg Dropped Out Before Super Tuesday To Stop Bernie Sanders

Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the Democratic primary before Super Tuesday to stop Sanders from building an insurmountable delegate lead.

CNN reported:

Pete Buttigieg had no intention of staying in a race that he couldn’t win and allowing Bernie Sanders to build a delegate lead that no one could catch. Buttigieg put the party, and some would say the country, ahead of his ego.

Buttigieg is eager to unite the party:

Buttigieg understands that the path for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination rests on moderates splitting their vote so that Sanders can make a claim to the nomination with roughly 30% support.

Mayor Pete wasn’t going to be the candidate who would help Bernie Sanders divide the vote and, in the process, potentially hand Trump a second term.

Buttigieg put party first and his decision has earned him the affection and respect of Democrats everywhere.

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