Trump Slump: Trump Owns Biggest One Day Points Drop In Dow History

The Trump slump is real, as Trump owns the biggest single-day points drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

SNL joked about the Trump slump:

On Thursday, US News reported on Trump’s new stock market record:

THE DOW JONES Industrial Average closed Thursday down nearly 1,200 points – its largest single-day drop in history – as U.S. stocks were driven into correction territory by escalating concern over the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The Dow shed nearly 4.5%, closing at its lowest level since August and weathering a sixth consecutive day of losses. The Standard & Poor’s 500, similarly, dropped more than 4.4% on Thursday. Both the Dow and S&P 500 are down 11% from where they ended last week.

The Trump slump is real, and it is not being driven by the coronavirus, but the lack of trust in Donald Trump to respond to the crisis. Trump now owns the eight biggest single-day Dow point drops in US history.

Trump is basing his entire reelection campaign on the economy and the stock market, but confidence in this president is plummeting after he couldn’t get the gender of the first U.S. coronavirus fatality correct at his press conference.
The Trump slump has arrived as the stock market realized that they couldn’t trust Trump.

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