Trump Throws A Tanturm And Calls Outlets That Report On Coronavirus Fake News

Trump throws a tantrum over coronavirus coverage and declares America’s biggest non-Fox news organizations enemies of the people.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s definition of fake news includes any organization that publishes the facts about his behavior and administration. “Fake news” in Trump-speak isn’t about false stories. It is a catchall description for any fact or story that Donald Trump doesn’t like.

The President is upset about the coverage that the coronavirus pandemic is receiving, so he is going back to one of his favorite tactics of attempting to discredit the sources of the information.

Trump is running a propaganda campaign against what could become a national health emergency. Instead of addressing the health crisis, Trump is attacking the media that are keeping the American people informed with facts.

The fake news is coming from the news outlets, but from inside the Oval Office, each and every day.

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