A Slurring Trump Calls For Buttigieg and Klobuchar To Be Impeached For Endorsing Joe Biden

Donald Trump was in regular form on Monday night, slurring his way through another MAGA mob rally by ramping up attacks on Democratic candidates, particularly the surging former Vice President Joe Biden.

At one point during his ramble, he accused Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar of a quid pro quo because the two candidates dropped out and endorsed Biden.

“Sounds like they made a deal, ya know?” Trump said. “Quid pro quo! They made a deal! Impeach them! They should be impeached! They should be impeached! Quid pro quo!”


While Trump’s bizarre attacks are to be expected, his rallies have become increasingly incoherent over time.

To say that Trump isn’t as sharp as he once was is an understatement. He demonstrates that repeatedly at each of his MAGA mob rallies.

Trump is clearly terrified of Joe Biden

Trump’s increased focus on Joe Biden during Monday night’s rally made it clear the he is (still) terrified of facing off against the former vice president in November.

Biden has consistently polled strongest against Trump compared to the other Democrats running, and those numbers have held up throughout the course of the past year, regardless of the ups and downs of the Democratic primary.

As new momentum builds around Biden’s campaign following his strong victory in South Carolina, Trump is again faced with the growing prospect that Biden will be his opponent this fall.

Not only is Trump nervous about that possibility, but Republicans appear nervous, too, as they restarted their efforts to undermine Biden via a bogus investigation.

As Joe Biden’s primary support grows ahead of Super Tuesday, so too does Donald Trump’s fear that he may have to face off against (arguably) the most electable Democrat left in the field.

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