Biden Surges To Within Single Digits Of Sanders In California

In a state that Bernie Sanders hoped to win in a walk, a new survey shows that Joe Biden has surged to within single digits as momentum continues to build behind his campaign.

According to a new poll from AtlasIntel, Sanders only has an eight-point edge over Biden, 34 percent to 26 percent.

The fact that Biden has pulled to within single digits should worry the Sanders campaign as California increasingly looks like their firewall to maintain the Vermont senator’s front-runner status.

It’s also a bad sign for Sanders that much of the poll was conducted before Biden’s victory in South Carolina. Not to mention, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar were both included in the survey, though they only received a combined four percent of the vote.

Still, given how quickly things have shifted in Biden’s direction over the past 48 hours, it’s possible that the race is even closer in the Golden State than this poll shows.

Once again, the margin in California will be key

Polling still shows that Bernie Sanders is the favorite to win California on Super Tuesday – but, as I said before the South Carolina primary, the margin between the two candidates will be key.

If Biden manages to limit Sanders’ margin of victory to single digits while racking up wins in other states on Super Tuesday, then the former vice president could potentially pull ahead of Sanders in the delegate race when all the votes from tomorrow’s contests are counted.

After the first three primary contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, some pundits viewed Bernie Sanders’ campaign as a runaway train on its way to the Democratic nomination. Now, a day before voters in 14 states and one U.S. territory cast their ballots, it’s shaping up as a neck-and-neck contest between Biden and Sanders.

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