Alabama Goes For Biden As The Former VP Continues His Southern Dominance

Joe Biden’s dominance in southern states with high African American populations continued on Tuesday night with what is expected to be a resounding victory in Alabama.

As the polls closed in the state, NBC News projected that the former vice president would finish first when all the votes are counted.

The fact that Alabama was called so early for Biden indicates that, like in South Carolina, the former VP’s margin of victory will likely be wide.

His victory in the southern state follows two big wins for the former vice president in Virginia and North Carolina.

Alabama’s importance shouldn’t be downplayed

Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina turned the political world upside down and sent the former vice president into Super Tuesday with the wind at his back.

While much attention was rightly paid to Biden’s victory in the Palmetto State, Alabama seems to have gotten lost in a flurry of other states that are weighing in on Super Tuesday.

But Alabama’s importance shouldn’t be downplayed. Not only are the demographics similar to South Carolina’s, but the state is worth 52 delegates – just two fewer than South Carolina’s 54 delegates.

Ultimately, Biden’s victory in the state shows that what happened in South Carolina is no fluke. He continues to be dominant in southern states with a sizable percentage of African American voters.

Bernie Sanders may downplay these folks, but they are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party – and the Joe Biden comeback.

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