Biden Wins North Carolina, The Third Biggest Delegate Prize On The Super Tuesday Map

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was on life support just weeks ago, but his post-South Carolina momentum carried him to victory on Tuesday night in North Carolina, a state where Bernie Sanders was leading just a week ago.

According to NBC News, the former vice president is projected to carry the Tar Heel State, showing that his victory in South Carolina was no fluke and the surge of Biden momentum is very real.

The victory in North Carolina comes after Virginia – another big Super Tuesday prize – went for the former vice president on Tuesday night.

The timing of the call is important for Biden

Of the 14 states and one U.S. territory voting on Tuesday, North Carolina has the third most delegates (110), trailing just California (415) and Texas (228).

The fact that the state was called so quickly for Biden – just like Virginia – means not only that it’ll be a victory on paper for the vice president, but also that he’ll likely net a fair amount of delegates out of the state.

At the end of this primary contest, it’s all about delegate math, and Biden’s victory in a delegate-rich state like North Carolina likely has his campaign feeling good about their chances in other areas of the Super Tuesday map – and other states further down the line.

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