Trump Has No Idea What A Vaccine Is As Coronavirus Spreads

Trump still has no clue what a vaccine is as he spoke on Tuesday about the coronavirus outbreak that is bordering on a pandemic.

Trump said, “The biggest drug companies Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, and many of the other great companies, and a lot of good things are happening and they’re happening very fast. I said do me a favor. Speed it up, speed it up, and they will. They’re working really hard, really quick. We’re moving at a maximum speed to develop the therapies, not just the vaccines, but the therapies. Therapies are sort of another word for cure, where you have it. It helps get the people better faster and take down the severity of the illness. They’ve done so much. If you look at what’s happened with AIDS and the tremendous job they’ve done there.”


The drug companies told Trump that it would take a year and a half for a coronavirus vaccine to be ready. Trump did tell them to go faster, but the drug companies said that they couldn’t.

Trump still doesn’t understand what a vaccine is, or how it works. On Monday, the President asked if the flu vaccine could treat coronavirus. A vaccine is not drug therapy. There will be no drug therapies for coronavirus because there are already standard treatments being used to treat the cases.

Trump has no idea what he is talking about, and he is only adding to the public’s fear when he speaks about the coronavirus.

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