Bad News For Trump and McConnell As Steve Bullock To Run For Senate In Montana

Popular governor and former Democratic presidential candidate, Steve Bullock has decided to run for the US Senate in Montana.

Via The New York Times:

Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana is poised to reverse himself and run for the Senate, according to three Democratic officials, a decision that would hand the party a coveted recruit who could help reclaim a majority in the chamber.

After months of insisting he would not challenge Senator Steve Daines, Mr. Bullock, who ran for president last year, has told Democrats in the last week he is now inclined to run in what would immediately become one of the marquee Senate races of 2020. Mr. Bullock has only a few days to finalize his decision: The filing deadline to run in Montana is Monday.

Chuck Schumer and Democrats have been trying to convince Bullock to challenge Daines for the Senate seat for over a year. Bullock would put another Republican-held Senate seat in peril in a year when Democrats are set to make a big move to reclaim the Senate majority.

Mitch McConnell and Trump are already trying to save endangered Republican-held Senate seats in states like Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina. Long time Republican incumbent Susan Collins in Maine is also in trouble. Democrats need to pick up a net four seats to take back the majority and boot Mitch McConnell out of the majority, and the entry of Bullock into the Montana race creates more headaches for the GOP.

The pieces could be falling into place for Democrats to oust both Trump and McConnell in 2020.

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