Elizabeth Warren To Announce She’s Exiting The Presidential Race Thursday

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to announce on Thursday that she is suspending her run to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

The New York Times reported the development on Thursday morning, citing sources from her campaign that detailed the planned announcement.

Warren’s campaign ignited strong support in the beginning, prior to any nominating contests within the Democratic caucuses and primaries. However, she failed to win a single early state, and had a poor showing in Super Tuesday contests as progressive voters flocked to her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Even before the actual elections began, Warren faced difficulties, the Times reported:

Ms. Warren’s political demise was a death by a thousand cuts, not a dramatic implosion but a steady decline. Last October, according to most national polls, Ms. Warren was the national pacesetter in the Democratic field. By December, she had fallen to the edge of the top tier, wounded by a presidential debate in November where her opponents relentlessly attacked her.

Her departure leaves two remaining top-tier candidates vying for the nomination: Sanders, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders has done well courting the more progressive wing of the party, while Biden has successfully become the front-running candidate by simultaneously appealing to centrists as well as making the case that he’s got the best chance to beat current President Donald Trump in the fall.

The Sanders campaign will likely try to attract Warren’s base of progressive supporters in the days ahead. However, it’s unclear how many of those who had planned to vote for her will switch to Sanders or to Biden.

Polling from Morning Consult late in February found that 40 percent of Warren’s supporters picked Sanders as their second-choice candidate. Meanwhile, 28 percent picked centrists, such as Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, as well as Biden, as their second pick.