Trump Just Dug His 2020 Grave By Appearing To Tell Fox He’ll Cut Medicare And Social Security

Donald Trump returned to his Fox News safe space on Thursday night for a town hall event, and he ended up handing Democrats a massive gift just eight months before the presidential election.

During an exchange with Martha MacCallum, Trump promised that he would cut vital programs like Medicare and Social Security, a moment that could come back to haunt him in the general election.

“If you don’t cut something in entitlements, you’ll never really deal with the debt,” the Fox News host said, referring to programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Trump responded with a promise: “We’ll be cutting.”


Trump’s promise to cut entitlements could come back to haunt him with swing voters

There is no question that Donald Trump spews politically damaging nonsense on a near-daily basis.

In fact, during the very same town hall on Thursday, Trump said that the coronavirus outbreak isn’t that bad because more people are staying in the United States and spending their money.

This comes after Trump told Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that people infected with the coronavirus could go to work.

Sadly, most of these off-the-cuff remarks are baked into how the American people view Trump. They hardly ever break through.

But Trump’s pledge to cut entitlements – programs that folks of all political stripes rely on in their everyday life – could come back to haunt him with swing voters.

As former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau said on Thursday, Trump’s entitlement promise is “the most politically damaging thing he’s said in awhile.”

Donald Trump thought he was walking into friendly territory by participating in a Fox News town hall, but he may have dug his own political grave.

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